Coffee Cup with Hidden Camera

The Coffee Cup Lid with Hidden Tiny Spy Camera looks like any normal coffee cup lid. However, there is a tiny covert spy camera inside. If you are a private investigator, law enforcement, or concerned person, this unique spy gadget allows you to capture clear videos of target area, no person would suspect was a camera.

  • The lid fits standard 12 oz disposable standard coffee cups with a 3.5" outside diameter
  • Product has recording range of about as far as you can see within target room area

Product Specifications:
Memory:  micro TF card, up to 32GB, not included.
Video Format        AVI
Video Coding        M-JPEG
Video Resolution        1920*1080
Photo Resolution        4032*3024
Shooting Angle         90°
Picture Format         JPG
Supported System: Windows OS, Mac OS 10.,Linux OS
Charging Voltage        DC-5V
Interface Type          USB
Battery Type        Built-in 1000mA high capacity polymer battery

Package Contains:
1X Camera Hidden In Coffee Cup Lid
1X USB Cable
1X English Manual


  • Do not use on a cup with hot liquid
  • Do not use on a cup with enough liquid to splash
  • The camera lid is not water proof and only provides limited liquid resistance


This Covert Spy Camera is a great way to watch the home or office


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