This Note Book has a hidden camera which will continuously record up to 30 hours during daylight and 10 hours of night vision. The PIR motion sensor technology allows this camera to be in standby for about 2 years to record when motion is detected. You can place the book in a concealed location with no worries about constantly recharging the product.

The black LED function is designed for capturing movement at greater distances. Note: LED will not light up in use. Both night vision and the motion detection work well up to 20 to 25 feet from the camera.

To use this Note Book Camera simply insert a Micro SD card and flip the inside switch to On and conceal the book.

In addition, the camera hidden inside the book activates using Passive Infrared sensor technology (PIR) and will start recording automatically if there is a temperature change or when a potential target - warm body - enters the detection area.

Product Features:

Max Micro SD storage: 32 GB,(not included)
Note: SD card should be formatted to FAT32 only
Battery: 8000mAh
Standby power consumption: 10uA
PIR Mode Detection angle: 60 degrees
PIR Mode Detection distance: 15-25feet
Camera Lens angle: about 75 degree
Max standby time: 24 month
Day time recording power consumption: 220mAh
Max day time continuous recording time: about 30 hours
Night vision recording power consumption: 820mAh
Max night vision continuous recording time: about 10 hours
Fully Charged time: about 20 hours by 2A USB power adapter
Video Resolution: 1080p/30fps
Video/ recording length: about 1-2 minutes per file, depending on mode
Loop recording: on/off adjustable (Default as on)

Package Contains:

Note Book Camera
USB cable
User Manual
(Micro SD card not included)

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