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(Keep your cell phone conversations private)

The Cell Phone Scrambler works by converting human voices into non-interpretable analog noises and then transmitting scrambled noises over the unsecured telephone network. The receiver unit accepting the call then converts signal back into normal human voice on the other end of the line by utilizing a MDP2 ASIC chip embedded within the system.

By using this system you insure secure communications between two or more parties on a cell phone conversation. Your confidential information and valuable intellectual properties should not be exposed to ever-present dangers of wiretapping or eavesdropping attacks that are always around us and must be protected safely by this advanced technology.

This unit is easy to use! Just connect your scrambler into microphone jack of your cell phone and use it for secure communication!

• Scramble Method: Analog Scrambler
• Scrambling: 1-10 Seconds
• Security Key Exchange: Automatically updated by random number generator for every call
• Two (2) units are required
• Types of Phones: Cell Phones, iPhones, Smart Phones
• Analog Phones, Digital Phones, Internet Phones, VolP and PSTN

Applicable Scope:
• State agencies where major policies are discussed and determined.
• Judicial authorities such as prosecution, police and so forth that have
  Investigations whereby communication security is required for work
• Election campaigns, Presidential elections, general election, municipal election, union election, etc.
• Lawyers

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