Pendant Spy Camera Cross

Unique Hidden Digital Camcorder


The key to security or covert surveillance is anonymity and spontaneity. It is difficult to collect documentary information or intelligence  (un-vetted) without the right anonymous quality spy gadget or surveillance device. The Cross Spy Camera encodes streams using XVID or AVI encoding, which are compatible with any streaming media.

This necklace spy gadget comes with a 220mAh battery which will record continuously for up to 2 hours. After recording you can easily download all images to your computer using USB cable. This Spy Camera Cross can capture images with lens coverage of 90 Degrees.

This spy pendant gadget is ideal for reporters, life bloggers, or basically anyone who would like to record an event without having to lose their stylish appeal.


Hidden spy camcorder
30 FPS XVID AVI videos
16GB internal memory
Plug and play charging and transfer


Primary Function: Cross Hidden Spy Camera
Lens Info:
Image Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Visual Angle: 90

Transfer Method: Mini-USB slot (cable included)

Video Resolution: 1920*1080
Audio Recording: Yes
Video Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Recording Format: AVI
Video Encoding Format: XVID MPEG-4
Audio Format: PCM Audio (8000Hz 128 kb/s (1 chnl))
Recording Size: - 27 MB per minute

Still Photo:
Photo Resolution: 4032*3024

Battery Capacity:
Battery Type: Built-in Li-ION Polymer
Battery Capacity: 220mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Charge Time: - 3 hours
Recording Time: - 2 hours

On-Board Controls:

  • Microphone
  • Camera Lens
  • Mini-USB Port
  • Power Button
  • Power Indicator
  • Reset Switch
  • Mode Switch

USB: 2.0

Other Features:

  • Auto Save: Every 50 minutes
  • Loop-back: Records over first file when out of space
  • Auto shutdown: After 1 minute of inactivity
  • Operating Systems: 32-bit Windows
  • Time Display: (toggle ON/OFF)

Notes from Manufacturers

Comes with everything you need including a necklace so you can wear this cross spy camera pendant right out of the box

Package List

Cross Spy Camera Pendant
USB Cable 
User Manual (English)


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