Invisible UHF Spy Micro Ear piece and (In-ear Receiver)

No Neck Loop Required



Up to 1,600 feet (500 meters) receiving range in open field. The range depends on the transceiver used and on the obstacles between the transceiver and the spy ear piece
This tiny covert ear piece enters completely in the ear canal, without anyone to see it
discreet long distance communications
The spy micro ear piece in-ear receiver has a black coat, imitating the darkness in the ear
No accessory on your body! No neck-loops needed!
Undetectable for any detector!
Cannot be jammed by any phone jammers!
No interference with any electromagnetic fields!
Instant communication, without waiting calls or conditioned by the phone network
Your conversation will not be taped by phone operators Secure and private communication and no leads to your location




Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 6 mm
Receiver mod: narrow-band RF receiver
Frequency: fixed UHF FM, crystal quartz controlled 432-468 MHz/ VHF 144-156 MHz on request
Audio response: 200 Hz – 4500 Hz
Audio signal output: 94 dB
Noise filter: soft squelch
Sensitivity: SINAD 17 dB @ E=2mV/m
Channel selectivity: 49 dB (at 200 kHz channel spacing)
Antenna: magnetic, integrated
Spurious emissions: below -51 dBm ERP
Distortion: 5% (depends on the volume )
Weight: 1.5 g (with battery)


Package Contains:

Battery autonomy: operational time up to 48 hours
Current consumption: 1.8 mA
Type of battery: zinc air A10
Working distance: up to 1000 m, in open space
Spy micro earpiece UHF FM receiver
Package includes one A10 battery



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