Mini Audio Transmitter
Includes Receiver



Mini Transmitter plus Receiver
Voice-activated Monitoring
Transmission Range: 5,000 Feet
Audio Range:  Approximately 660 Square Feet
Long standby Time
Supports Recording while Charging
Low-power Consumption
Highly Reliable Audio Device
Manufacturer Specifications:
Frequency: 400 MHz
Voice-Activation Level: Approximately 60 Decibels
Transmitting and Receiving Range: 1,600-5,000 Feet
Standby Time: 68 hours
Transmitter Working Time:  Approximately 46 Hours
Memory: Support External  Mini TF Card of up to 32GB

Package List:
1 x Mini Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
1 x Earphone
1 x Charger
1 x English Manual


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