Wireless Radio Surveillance Kit

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Surveillance Kit


If you have been on the lookout for the most cost effective sophisticated walkie talkie audio transmitter, then your search ends right here:


  • Completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece
  • Virtually undetectable ear bud
  • Discreet receiver inside wallet
  • Uses walkie talkie for remote transmission

Note: The wallet must be worn in upper shirt pocket. See product specs below.

This wireless earphone receiver kit is extremely well hidden and next to impossible to detect. That's because this device uses a miniature earbud that fits perfectly inside your ear with only a clear stem sticking out about an inch so you can safely pull it out.

This is the same technology undercover agents have been using for years and is perfect for privately receiving instruction without anybody knowing the better. For example- you have an important presentation coming up but have limited time to prepare. Not to worry! Your partner can remotely give you instructions whenever you get stuck and don't know what to say! 


Operating Frequency: 

  • Channel 5: 446. 0550 
    Channel 15: 446. 0550
  • Or Try Walkie Talkie Channels 1-3

Note:Frequencies may vary depending on geographic location

  • Power Supply Walkie talkie: Rechargeable battery (included)
  • Power Supply Wallet Receiver: 5x AAA batteries(not included)
  • Power Supply Earbud: sr416sw battery (included)
  • Power Supply Walkie talkie: Built - in battery
  • *Transmission Distance Earbud to Wallet: no more than 5-6 inches
  • Ear piece must be close to wallet to complete pairing
  • Transmission Distance Walkie Talkie to Wallet: Approx 500 ft
  • Buttons/Ports/Features: 
    - Wallet transmitter: 
    - ON/OFF switch 
    - Frequency switch (channel 1-15) 
    Walkie talkie: 
    - Push to talk button 
    - ON/OFF/volume knob 
    - MIC/Earphone jack 
    - Monitor button 
    - Antenna port
  • Working temperature: - 5 to 45 Celsius
  • Dimensions: 
    - Business Type Wallet: 120mm x 95mm x 19mm 
    - Earbud: 7.9mm Diameter x 12.7mm 
    - Walkie Talkie: 114mm x 57mm x 32mm
  • Charger input power: 110 - 220V

Important:  This product is designed for mainly for professionals or those knowledgeable on the use of such equipment. The transmitter can be removed from the original wallet case and transposed to a different wallet or case. Make sure you carefully take all of electronics and wires out and keep them protected. If your not familar with this type of product, please contact us via e-mail before ordering.

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