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The Influence of Bio metric Technology


Those who read Brave New World years ago and who viewed science fiction television shows and movies were intrigued by all of the technological gadgetry.  Governments spied on all of their citizenry; main characters in Star Trek opened doors by holding up their palms.  It is often said that science fictions writers “see” advances in technology before most, and in these instances, they certainly did!

Today, there is a host of spy, surveillance, and security devices, many using biometric technology, available to government, industry, business and individuals, for a wide variety of uses.  Most everyone is aware of the “nanny cams” that allow parents to view the activities of their babysitters and the traffic cams that record speeds and take pictures of people running red lights.  We are even completely familiar with security cameras both inside and outside of stores, businesses and banks.  What we may not know is that there are a huge number of products readily available through online retailers such as www.spygadgets4sale.com. Whether the need is for surveillance or security, this one-stop shop has the latest and most reliable products that can be ordered with confidentiality and received via DHL without any revealing labels as to their contents.



Individuals and businesses may have strong reasons for engaging in surveillance activities. Indeed, the types and uses of spying gear and surveillance gear have now radically altered how we protect our property, ideas, finances, and, most important, our loved ones.  Parents may want to “track” the movements of their minor children who are driving cars on weekend nights, and this can be accomplish through a tiny GPS device.  Individuals going through difficult divorces may wish to see what is going on in the homes they have left in the care of their spouses.  Tiny cameras, mounted in clocks for example, can provide both audio and video surveillance.  At work, cameras mounted in glasses or pens can record meetings, activities and casual discussion, perhaps providing important evidence at a later date.  Private investigators have already been using these products for quite some time, but now individuals are seeing the value of these easy-to-use gadgets for themselves.  Lawyers, teachers, business and industry personnel, diplomatic professionals, scientists, parents, and spouses can now conduct their own surveillance activities at reasonable cost and with ease and convenience.


From the protection of industrial secrets to personal residences, the importance of taking appropriate security measures cannot be overstated.  Security cameras are a “fait accompli” everywhere, and everyone is aware of them.  Security has been taken to a new level, however, with the latest biometric technology, using physical characteristics of an individual (usually irises or fingerprints) in order to allow his/her access to rooms, buildings, computers and computer devices, laboratories, warehouses, and any other venue that holds confidential and/or valuable products, information, intellectual property, or documents.  Contemporary security products are now available which require scanning of a fingerprint or iris in order to allow access.  Think of the benefits of fingerprint lock biometric products!  A briefcase, USB device, or laptop can be carried anywhere in complete confidence that no one can gain access, even if it is lost or misplaced.  A room will not unlock without the scan of a fingerprint or eye iris!  These scanning products have rewritten the definition of security, and an increasing number of professional, business, scientific and self-employed individuals are seeing the benefits of this new technology.

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