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We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. We would notify you if this is the case.

Further information, Please read our Legals


Refund & Return Policy:

Product refunds subject to following terms and conditions:


  1. Upon receipt, product is damaged


  1. If case, customer must provided photo evidence
  2. If product is damaged by improper use or failure to follow product user manual directions, we cannot issue a refund


  1. Customer is unable to use product, due to unfamiliarity
  1. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance. We always recommended customers do not purchase spy gadgets without a basic knowledge and understanding of products functionality. Spy gadgets should not be treated as toys.


  1. No refunds will be accepted after 30 days from time of delivery. We will, if case warrants, issue replacement product(s) subject to our review on a case by case basis.


  1. If refunds are issued, customer is responsible for paying for all shipping and freight charges to returned product back. Specific directions and shipping instructions will be provided. Contact our offices first before shipping products back to avoid any unnecessary problems.


  1. We are committed to making every effort to satisfy our customers and recommended open honest discussions to avoid conflict.


  1. No refunds will be issued before product is received intact from buyer.  If product is damaged see about comments.


  1. Note: refunds may also be subject to below FAQ points concerning shipping and delivery. Please read.
  2. Unless otherwise stipulated, buyer must pay shipping cost for returned product(s). Product must be shipped back to address as stipulated by Spygadgets4Sale. All returned parcels must have confirmed tracking. Refund process will only begin once we have received the product(s) intact.
  3. We do not accepted returns on products labeled "Special Order Products". These products are special built and not readily available in USA


Important: If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

Delivery Scenarios:

Why is my package delayed?

Important Note to Customers:  When shipping products, we do not have control over country of destinations customs or security for delivery of courier packages. Different couriers have different security requirements depending on the product. Sometimes packages can be delivered via a different courier service, again for security reasons without our knowledge.

This might cause a delay in receiving your product. Products can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery after processing. However, we guarantee delivery of your product and will do everything we can to make sure your orders are expedited.

(1)The package is lost, broken, or stolen before it reaches you. will re-send the goods or give a full refund. In practice such cases are very rare, perhaps 1 in 1000 shipments, when using courier services. Please note confirmation of such cases can take some time, so in such an event you may be advised to place a new order at your expense while the original shipment is investigated pending compensation.
(2) An Air Mail package has not arrived after a long time? will give a full refund after the delivery deadline has expired. These cases are rare, and if this ever occurs, we will inform you of the delivery deadline for your package, which will be 30-60 days depending on the region.
(3) A multi-part delivery arrives missing some items or packets. 
In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. With the correct documentary proof through the courier company reporting process, will re-send the goods or give a refund.
(4) Items in the packet arrive in a damaged condition. 
In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. Provided you follow through the correct reporting process, the goods can be handed back to the courier and will send new goods or give a refund. If you do not immediately follow the courier's reporting procedure, and thus no adequate documentation is available to prove the goods arrived damaged, we will offer advice on a case-by-case basis about whether you can return the goods to China for replacements or a refund.
(5) A shipment is delayed, turned back, or seized by Customs 
If the Customs issue was your responsibility, you are liable. If the failed delivery was due to mis-handling by, you will receive compensation when the case is resolved. Such cases are unusual but it is important you are aware of your responsibilities in such a case. Please refer to the more detailed notes on this issue here.

General Delivery Failure Cases Where You Accept Liability 

You (or the consignee) must accept delivery of the goods and comply with any applicable procedures/charges from your local Customs.
If the delivery fails because:
(1) you were not at home or the courier could not contact you
(2) the delivery details were wrong
(3) the recipient fails to accept the goods
(4) the courier cannot satisfactorily verify the identity of the person attempting to receive the goods
(5) the courier cannot deliver to a remote area or invalid address
(6) delivery fails due to war, disaster, etc
(7) other similar scenarios beyond our control
... [in such cases] you agree that will not accept liability and no compensation is available.
There are also several situations in which you accept liability when the goods do not arrive due to customs issues. Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Customs Clearance Issues

According to our experience, we can confirm that in over 99.9% of shipments there is no issue whatsoever with Customs clearance. Furthermore in the majority of the rare cases subject to a delay in Customs, the electronics goods are released and delivered successfully. This is because the clearance via normal shipping methods (couriers or post) is handled professionally by the shipping company, and our shipper is an experienced provider of correct shipping documentation and compliant products and packaging.
Remember your country's Customs have the right to hold and inspect your goods according to their policies.

Import Regulations You Should Know

(1) offer shipping options worldwide to almost all locations on the planet. (We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders at our discretion, for example where shipping to a remote area is not feasible for any reason.)
(2) Please note that you are responsible for finding out in advance about the legality of importing your ordered electronics items in your country - and about the legalities of importing goods into your country per se. We are not responsible for confiscated items by your local authorities or any associated costs incurred.
(3) Customs clearance is undertaken by the courier in the delivery destination country (and in certain cases, in the en-route country). You must be available for contact by them, in the event of any query or clearance confirmation. You are responsible for knowing the regulations in your delivery country before placing your order.
Every professional effort will be made by our staff to assist customer(s) in resolving issues concerning purchasing and after purchase of products. However, we do not operate on premise customer is always correct. We encouraged open and civil dialogue with representatives to resolve the issue