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  • Free Introduction Cryptology Course

    Excellent Beginners Course in Encryption Online course in Teaching Introduction to Encryption and Cryptography Learn how encryption keeps information safe, and teach your students how it’s used in the world today. Supported by Google. What topics will you cover? A brief look at the history of encryption The encryption and decryption process, and the importance of keys […]

  • Protect your Privacy E-mail \Texting

    Texting or e-mail: Which gives you more secure communication? Jefferson Graham USA TODAY WhatsApp, text or email – which is the most secure option when your conversation really has to be locked down? The recent private-messages-going-public news with Congress scouring the messages obtained from diplomats as part of its impeachment inquiry again has private exchanges top of mind and […]

  • The Spy in Moscow Station: A Counterspy’s Hunt for a Deadly Cold War Threat.

    In 1985,  CBS Nightly News aired a sensationalistic story. News Anchor Dan Rather announced the KGB had bugged about a dozen IBM Selectric typewriters at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in an elaborate electronic operation. The Spy in Moscow Station, doesn’t open with the widely known typewriter story, but rather begins at the beginning when […]

  • Cyber Security Expert Shares Knowledge

      A Former CIA Cyber Threat Analyst Shows You How to Make Your Organization a Hard Target Having spent over a decade as part of the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence and the Counterterrorism Mission Center, Rosa Smothers knows the ins and outs of leading cyber operations against terrorists and nation-state adversaries. She has seen […]

  • Interested in Cyber Security??

            Featured Event: Grand Opening of the Quantico Cyber Hub   Oct 24 Public post   The Grand Opening of the Quantico Cyber Hub is only a few short days away. Here’s a quick preview of everything you need to know. When: Saturday October 26th, 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Where: 1010 […]

  • “The Northern Spy: A matter of public record”

    “As the Spy has so often noted, email and web browsing are not private (despite some services claiming to make them so), any computer can be broken into by someone sufficiently knowledgeable, and any database or connected device or system can be breeched by the skilled and patient. Indeed there are people who could bring […]

  • Real Cryptographic Challenge

    “Can you crack codes like a Cold War espionage agent? The Mint wants to find out” By Dannielle Maguire Updated 12 Sep 2019, 4:39am The Australian Royal Mint has released a new batch of 50 cent coins with something of a secret mission. These coins are being used to communicate an encrypted message, written in […]

  • Quantum Computer Apocalypse End of Privacy

    Quantum Computers could cripple governments and effectively break the internet “Our modern systems of finance, commerce, communication, transportation, manufacturing, energy, government, and healthcare will for all intents and purposes cease to function,’ cyber security expert warns……… UK cybersecurity firm Post Quantum has described bitcoin as “definitely not quantum computer proof“ and warned that if measures are not […]

  • NSA Opens Doors to Reporters

    Normally hush-hush NSA opens doors of new Cyber Directorate   “(Bloomberg) –-The National Security Agency is normally so secretive that its creation was classified, leading to the nickname “No Such Agency.” But in a move that surely caused hand-wringing and murmurs among the nation’s longtime spies, the agency opened its doors to journalists. But just […]

  • “Schneier slams Australia’s encryption laws and CyberCon speaker bans”

    Governments breaking encryption is bad, and ‘will get worse once breaking encryption means people can die’, says one of the world’s leading security experts. “You have to make a choice. Either everyone gets to spy, or no one gets to spy. You can’t have ‘We get to spy, you don’t.’ That’s not the way the […]