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  • Fear is your Friend

    Second ‘Tehran’ promo video reveals fear is a real-world spying tool A second “Conversations with a Real Spy” promoting the Apple TV series “Tehran” has covered the use of fear in espionage, with a former spy explaining how fear management and the potential chance of being caught drives an operative through a task. In promoting the thriller […]

  • A Conversations with a Real Spy

      In a new video uploaded to the Apple TV+ YouTube channel, viewers can get an insider’s look into what it’s like to be a real spy, and see how they are utilized in Apple’s spy thriller “Tehran.” Yola Reitman, a former spy, sat down with Apple to discuss the methods spies use to gather crucial information. […]

  • Old School Trade Craft

    Revealing Cold War Espionage Photo Tech: Spy Pigeons, Concealed Cameras, and More The former CIA Chief of Disguise spoke with Wired for this 8.5-minute video that discusses some of the most crucial photography tools used for espionage in the Cold War. Some of what she describes sounds like myths but were actually hugely helpful in intelligence gathering […]

  • The Slow Death of the Code Breaker

    On December 14, 1977 Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman file for a patent for what came to be the RSA public-key encryption algorithm (named after the inventors). U.S. Patent 4,405,829 was awarded to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on September 20, 1983 for its “Cryptographic communications system and method.” The three inventors, which […]

  • The Theory of Covert Surveillance

    AUTHOR Peter Jenkins ISBN NO 978 09535378 60 REVIEW DATE 28/10/2020 NO OF PAGES 385 PUBLISHER ISS Publishing PUBLISHER URL YEAR OF PUBLICATION 20/10/2020 BRIEFOUR REVIEW PRICE £ 34.99, softback Not for the first time, and let’s hope not for the last, Peter Jenkins has brought out a series piece of kit, writes Mark […]

  • Ian Fleming / History “Camp X” Spy School

    Uncovering Canada’s forgotten WWII spy school Brian Makse  4 days ago Uncovering Canada’s forgotten WWII spy school© Provided by Hagerty Brian Makse© Provided by Hagerty Brian Makse For generations, many of us have dreamed about having a licence to kill and the skill set to back it up. Before this description conjured MI6 agent 007 in the popular […]

  • CIA Challenges Budding Spies

    Spot The Differences Between Two Photos BY : JULIA BANIM ON : 10 SEP 2020 16:07CIA Many of us like to wonder what it would really be like to be a secret agent, travelling to exotic locations and getting to test all sorts of futuristic gadgets. Of course, to paraphrase Liam Neeson, in order to be a good […]

  • Female Secret Agent Receives Recognition

    Spy becomes first woman of south Asian descent to get blue plaque in London Noor Inayat Khan, first female radio operator, worked in occupied France before being executed by the Nazis Noor Inayat-Khan became Britain’s ‘first Muslim war heroine in Europe’. Photograph: PA Lanre Bakare Arts and culture correspondent @lanre_bakare Thu 27 Aug 2020 19.02 EDT A […]

  • Attack Allows Hackers Spy on Phone Calls

    August 13, 2020 Swati Khandelwal A team of academic researchers—who previously made the headlines earlier this year for uncovering severe security issues in the 4G LTE and 5G networks—today presented a new attack called ‘ReVoLTE,’ that could let remote attackers break the encryption used by VoLTE voice calls and spy on targeted phone calls. The attack doesn’t […]

  • A Double Life

    Charlotte is the grand daughter of Kim Philby, Britain’s most famous communist double-agent, the elusive ‘third man’ in the notorious Cambridge spy ring. A Double Life by Charlotte Philby BOOK OF THE MONTH A Double Life by Charlotte Philby Charlotte Philby’s second novel alternates between the stories of two women in London whose lives are changed by chance: […]