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  • Cold War Spy-Gadgets Part II off III

    Turd Transmitter This CIA turd transmitter, issued around 1970, was actually a homing beacon that transmitted a radio signal to pilots overhead to help direct them to bombing targets and reconnaissance sites. Pipe Pistol Issued by British Special Forces during World War II, this pipe could fire a small projectile designed to kill a person […]

  • Recommended Spy Fiction Novels

    A SUITABLY STRANGE SUMMER FOR SPY FICTION JULY 24, 2021 Escapist fiction is best shaken, not stirred, and thankfully in this strange summer, there are plenty of spy thrills that will take you away from the craziness and into worlds of intrigue and skullduggery. The spy thriller genre is a curiously mixed bag. On the […]

  • WhatsApp Self-Destructing Photos & Messages Feature

    WhatsApp takes on Snapchat: Messaging app launches ‘View Once’ photos and videos that DISAPPEAR from the chat straight after they’ve been opened View Once photos ‘self-destruct’ as soon as they’ve been opened This differs to ‘Disappearing Photos’ which disappear within seven days WhatsApp says it will be rolling out to users worldwide by the end […]

  • Cold War Spy Gear Part I of III

    A-12 Spurs These “spurs,” worn on airplanes, strapped over boot heels and were each attached to a ball connected to a cable beneath the plane seat. If the pilot had to pull the “D” ring (ejection handle) in an emergency, the cables would snap the wearer’s feet back under the seat to ensure a smooth […]

  • TEMPEST and Side Channel Attacks (2 of 5)

    Types of Side Channel Attacks: Electromagnetic Attacks Electromagnetic (EM) attacks are essentially power monitoring attacks with a further magnetic component, adding depth and detail to the signals being analyzed. EM attack methods combine power monitoring attacks with monitoring of the magnetic spectrum at various distances. Today’s low-power devices usually require that an attacker be near […]

  • The Real World of an Intelligence Operative

    “Second ‘Tehran’ Promo Video Reveals Fear is a Real-World Spying Tool” A second “Conversations with a Real Spy” promoting the Apple TV series “Tehran” has covered the use of fear in espionage, with a former spy explaining how fear management and the potential chance of being caught drives an operative through a task. In promoting the […]

  • Beware of the Cloud

    WHATSAPP is working on a new feature to fix a huge security loophole in its encryption system. Right now, WhatsApp chats on the app are end-to-end encrypted but if they’re backed up into the cloud, authorities can get a search warrant to access those messages and media files. Whether you back up your WhatsApp chats […]

  • The Great Seal

    TEMPEST TEMPEST (Telecommunications Electronics Materials Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions) is a U.S. National Security Agency specification and a NATO certification referring to spying on information systems through leaking emanations, including unintentional radio or electrical signals, sounds, and vibrations.   TEMPEST covers both methods to spy upon others and how to shield equipment against such […]

  • Amazon’s “AWS” Acquires Encrypted Messaging Service Wickr

    Carly Page, Ingrid Lunden 9:57 AM EDT•June 25, 2021 Comment Image Credits: Pedro Fiúza/NurPhoto / AP Amazon’s cloud services giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) is getting into the encrypted messaging business. The company has just announced that it has acquired secure communications service Wickr — a messaging app that has geared itself towards providing services to government and military groups and enterprises. It claims to be […]

  • File Encryption Is Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

    By L. Blinde By Brent Hansen, CTO, Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies We want to think that we’ve made our IT systems relatively impervious to ransomware attacks, but trends are showing otherwise. Rather than focusing on only preventing breaches, we have to consider the importance of file encryption so data is worthless even if the network […]