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  • Undergraduate Internship Program – Directorate of Operations

    “Student Opportunities Looking for a summer #internship? We’re accepting applications for the Directorate of Operations from undergraduate first year college students through 15 March 2019. Summer internships with other Directorates open in January.” Advertisements

  • Powerful Detective Product

    Coffee Cup Lid with Hidden Spy Camera Tiny Hidden Spy Camera in the Lid One-Touch Evidence Gathering Great Surveillance Tool The Coffee Cup Lid with Hidden Tiny Spy Camera looks like any normal coffee cup lid. However, there is a tiny covert spy camera inside. If you are a private investigator, law enforcement, or concerned […]

  • Quantum Random Generator

    Quantum Random Numbers Future-Proof Encryption Three universities chose to build and license quantum random number generators. November 1st, 2018 – By: Kevin Fogarty It may be a decade or more before quantum computers become common enough that we’ll find out whether “post-quantum cryptography” will stand up to genuine quantum computers. In the meantime, some quantum researchers […]

  • Basic Guide to Encrypting Your E-Mail

    How to Encrypt Your Emails By James Crace — Last Updated: 19 Apr’17 2017-04-18T04:46:15+00:00 Did you know that email is one of the most insecure forms of communication on the Internet? Most people are not aware of this fact. If you’re a Yahoo user, you may have learned this the hard way. Yahoo email has […]

  • Hands-on Course about Ciphers and Codes

    Venture behind the scenes of secret messaging and learn how a selection of codes and ciphers work, from those used in ancient fields of battle to an important cryptographic algorithm that forms the basis of many of today’s secure communications systems. You’ll also have the opportunity to get to grips with a real World War […]

  • Encrypt your Data like Everyone is Watching

    Heathrow Airport fined £120,000 for security breach over missing USB stick The files included a training video which exposed the names, birth dates and passport numbers of 10 people, as well as the details of up to 50 Heathrow Airport aviation security staff By Kalyeena Makortoff Emma MunbodhPersonal Finance Correspondent 15:13, 8 OCT 2018 Money […]

  • “An Eavesdropping Lamp That Livetweets Private Conversations”

    *Older Article Posted Brian House and Kyle McDonald’s creation, the Conversnitch, impersonates a lightbulb or lamp while eavesdropping on and livetweeting nearby conversations. Photo: Kyle McDonald As former NSA director Michael Hayden learned on an Amtrak train last year, anyone with a smartphone instantly can become a livetweeting snoop. Now a whole crowd of amateur […]

  • “Can you “see” someone’s screen by listening to it?”


  • “Cryptographic agility is key to post-quantum security”

    Although post-quantum security is not an issue for all organisations today, an expert believes that those needing to ensure data is secure for decades to come should aim to achieve cryptographic agility above all else Warwick Ashford Security Editor 23 Aug 2018 15:02 Follow: The threat of quantum computing being able to crack encryption methods currently used […]

  • Surveillance Drones over Mexico

    Thursday, August 23, 2018 SUBSCRIBE LOG IN News A police officer with one of Oaxaca’s new drones. Oaxaca police begin drone surveillance pilot project 40% reduction in crime predicted Thursday, August 23, 2018   Security officials in Oaxaca are anticipating a 40% reduction in crime through the deployment of surveillance drones in at least five […]