As in any other profession one must not only have the right spying gear or equipment to be successful, but also a clearly defined plan. In addition,  you need to do your homework. You would not take a long road trip without knowing where you going and why.

  • Define your true objective
  • Understand the nature of your target, i.e.; who are you trying to survey and why?
  • Understand the target environment, i.e.; do you have free access?
  • Critically access the risk to reward scenarios, i.e., is your objective worth it? Perhaps there is another way to achieve the same objective.
  • Make sure you are deploying the right spying gear for the objective

In short you need to do your homework first before ever trying to use or deploy spying gear outside of recreational use.

To be successful in using surveillance oriented spying gadgets try to understand the nature of whom you are targeting.  Once done, critically access yourself, your abilities, your nature, and justification for deploying the spying device.  It is not advisable to engage any spying agenda without doing the later.

There are several potential legitimate reasons for purchasing spying gear:

  • monitor your  property, your home or a specific room in your home;
  • collected an accurate record audio or visual of what was said and who said it, perhaps for legal reasons;
  • investigative  purposes;
  • GPS Systems used to tack your vehicle if stolen or to determine your exact location or location of others.

Note:  Most smart phones have built in apps which are in essence GPS systems which are used as tracking devices. Be forewarned your smart phone can be used to track you anywhere in the world even if the phone is turned off.

What type of spying gear should you use?

There are many types of spying gear from tiny spy cameras to surveillance cameras, audio devices, or GPS systems, but in essence they all operate on same basic principle of being useful to collect information covertly whether in visual or audio format.

Spying gear can be bought for purely recreational use. However, some devices can be deployed for more serious or clandestine reasons. If you are using any type of spying gear for recreational reasons please understand spying gadgets – though entertaining – are very powerful sophisticated high tech devices are not toys and should never be placed in hands or care of children.

To be successfully in using any type of spying equipment or gear the golden rule is do your “homework” first!  Read the instructions and/or specifications of your product. Understand clearly what the device is designed to do and not to do.

Then critically access and examine your true motives or justification for purchasing spying gear.  Do this regardless of whether you will use the device for recreational reasons or investigative purposes.

After objectively accessing all factors as discussed then and only then can one be successfully in using any type of spying gear.

Note: Points discussed in this article are only a few of methodologies on how to use spying devices. It cannot over stress the importance of knowing yourself, knowing your product and why you want to use a spying device.