Contact Procedures

Note: For product or general inquiries please e-mail:, for a prompt response. If you do not receive a prompt response, you may have entered an incorrect e-mail address. Customers purchasing more than 5 products, please send a detailed e-mail, so we can provide a discount code.

Send us an e-mail for fast response. We will respond.

Mailing Address: 

            C/O Spydgadgets4sale
            PO Box 3091
            Bluffton, SC
You may use the contact form below to send an email message. We respond to all e-mails in 48 hours or less.  If your making an inquiry concerning delivery time of your package, please allow at least 3 weeks as sometimes products can be held by customs.  Note: Most product(s) are usually received within 10-12 business days. Also we will provide tracking information upon request.

We observe all USA North America Holidays and weekends