Audio device transmits voice to your receiver. You only need a receiver to listen to the same frequency that you can hear the voice\audio from about (1,640-2,624) feet or (500-800 Meters away. It will used as a baby monitor, taking care of elderly or patients, etc.

The transmitter used in the 3V voltage or two AA batteries, transmission distance of 164 feet or 50 meters.
The normal new dry battery can work continuously for 10 days.
To satisfy the requirements of customers who need to use for a long time.
This product also inherits the characteristics of the previous high sensitivity and good pickup effect.
You can hear very faint sounds, such as clocks ticking sound in the quiet room.

This product uses FM modulation signal emitted in the distance can be used FM radio receiver.
The receiver can also use the phone with the radio or car radio.

Built-in microphone of this product, with an antenna outside
This audio product is widely used in various occasions the need to pick up the faint sound, you can listen to the elderly and children, etc.

Manufacture Specifications:

Batteries Two AAA battery, voltage 3V Note: rechargeable batteries can be used
operating current 8mA.
Working Time: transmit continuously work for 12-15 days.
Estimated Transmission distance in open place distance can cover (164 –196 feet) 50-60 meters
Note: The actual transmission distance and there is a certain relationship to the environment. Keep audio device away from metal objects and reinforced concrete for better transmission.

  • Voltage: 5V
  • Freq range: 60MHz~128MHz
  • Output Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency Step: 100KMz
  • input voltage: DC12V
  • Frequency stabilization method: PLL
  • Dimension(mm): 128(L)x93(W)x55(H)
  • Dimension(inches): 5(L)x 3.5(W)x2.0(H)

Do not use this device for any illegal purposes!!! Buyer is full responsible for adhering to any local, State or Federal laws

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