Powerful UHF Transmitter


Professional bug spy UHF room transmitter can be concealed anywhere in the room, it will transmit the conversation which takes place in a room with crystal sound quality and you'll be able to listen from distance, using our matching receiver or an UHF scanner.

Very sensitive audio input they'll pick up voices or even rumors from long distance

Excellent audio quality

The transmitter is very sensitive and  can even pickup feeble whispers in tens within meter  or 34 feet (in closed areas). 

• The device's dimensions are very compact. Easier to conceal
• The matching receiver easily fits in a shirt pocket, so you won't have to hold it in your hands. (not included)
• The antenna is thinner - less observed
• Less current drawn from the battery

• Dimensions: Diameter only 2.4cm. EXTRA SMALL listening device design, made for room surveillance and for places where the unit is difficult to conceal..
• Stability: The transmitter has 3 x RF stages buffered output for stability.
• Frequency: True NFM (Narrow Band FM - Frequency range approximately 433.x (Quartz Crystal Controlled ).
• Distance: Long transmitting range. Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
• Safety: Our unique transmitters are using a patent pending material for encapsulating, for safety and security.
• Power: Up to 15mW RF output.
• Audio: Internal microphone (Silver). High level difference between noise and the transmitted sounds. Its tiny condenser microphone is so sensitive covering up to 100 sq. meters (120 sq. yard) around , crystal clear. You won't miss any whisper.
• Antenna: flexible wire 18cm full extended.
• Adjustments: No adjustments are required.
The unit comes fully assembled and ready for using, as shown in the picture
It will transmit up to 48h days using CR2032 battery

The package includes:
1 X UHF Transmitter 



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