88-108MHz FM Transmitter Wireless Microphone Board Module

Product Overview

Operating voltage: DC 2V-9V

Current: 9mA

Reference distance: Open ground 100 meters (328 feet), 30 -100 feet indoors taking into account environmental obstacles

3v Volt Test:

By increasing the voltage significantly increased

Operating Frequency: 85MHZ – 115MHZ (usually between 99-101 boot default frequency)

Receive Way: Between 88-108MHz FM radio can receive

Frequency adjustment: adjustable capacitor

Output impedance: 50ohms

Size: 2cm x 1cm L x W

Product Features: 

  • Excellent Quality: Uses Latest micro-chip FM transmitter module, which is made by better PCB technology. Module is compact
  • Module emits a fairly stable frequency that can be received using any radio, especially with a digital radio
  • Note: Buyers needs to solder the power supply and antennas themselves

Transmitter is not an ordinary capacitor three-point oscillation circuit. The module is added to the amplification isolation circuit, and the LC filter circuit and impedance matching are used. The circuit effectively filters out the second harmonic and the third harmonic. The spectrum is very clean. Even if the antenna of the module is caught, there will be no frequency drift. The RF output impedance of the module is 50 ohm. Transmitter Module is directly matched with the power amplifier, which is more suitable for the user's DIY needs!

  • Stable performance: When the module supply voltage is 3V, the emission distance is about 100 meters (328 feet) in an open environment. In a typical indoor environment, the distance is about 20 meters.
  • The higher the voltage, the farther the emission distance is. At 9V, the emission distance can reach 300 meters (984 feet).
  • Around the meter, the antenna can be used with a whip antenna, a common wire or a rough enameled wire, and the whip antenna and the rough enameled wire has a better effect
  • The length of the antenna is about 75 cm and must be straightened when in use. The transmission distance is only for reference
  • Size: 20mm x 10mm (L*W)

Baby / Child Monitor
Wildlife Monitoring

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1 X HDD Connector:

88-108MHz FM wireless microphone transmitter module

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