FM Audio Transmitter

Tiny Compact FM Audio Transmitter

Easy to use (Right out Box)
Highly sensitive
Adjustable frequency which covers the FM broadcast band making it tune-able on a standard FM radio
Small audio transmitter is about the size of a penny
Two ways to Power Transmitter

Transmitter will operate approximately 83 days (continuous use)


Transmission range: Approximately 400 meters (1300 feet) – in open field (straight line of sight no electrical interference)

Works on any FM radio

Add a VHF 60-180 MHz Receiver

Transmitter can operate eleven (83) days (continuous use)
Receiver Transmission Range: 400 Meters

Live Monitoring

The signal can be received by a standard FM radio, no special equipment necessary
Highly sensitive microphone - can hear a whisper from a distance

Baby / Child Monitor
Wildlife Monitoring

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