Super Sensitive Professional Wall Bug

This audio device is a professional tool designed listen through wall. The can detect sounds through concrete, metal, wood, brick in fact any solid surface. Some surfaces work better than others and density - thickness can also restrict its performance. Note: Results depend on the surface you use and other factors such as distance and volume.

Place contact microphone to the surface of interest and listen. The surveillance unit has variable gain and volume settings. You may need to experiment further with the position for better results and we cannot guarantee results first time every time.

This device will hear audible sound through any door or single brick / cavity walls. Anything else is not guaranteed and returns for using this beyond its means are not accepted. Exception: Unless, product is faulty not hearing through doors, windows, internal walls etc.

Another serious matter is headphones used, included are good quality earbuds. However, if you use high end noise cancelling headphones this will improve the sound significantly. This professional listening device is a highly sensitive contact and probe microphone amplifier system.

Both microphone and amplifier are built into a strong metal housing unit for durability. The enhanced quality sound and performance capability of listening device allows user to listen to conversations in adjoining rooms.

This quality audio listening device is more sensitive and clearer than anything else out in the market. If this audio listening spy unit does not work, nothing will.

Manufacturer Specifications:

High Sensitivity Listen through Walls Audio Tool

•        Penetrable surfaces: Cement, Metal, Wood, Iron, Glass, Plastic, Brick
•        Working time: Continuous monitoring up to 24 hours
•        Headphone output: 3.5mm stereo @ 250mW
•        Four Audio Choices: A (200MHz) B (800MHz) C (1200MHz) D (partition bougie monitoring)
•        Maximum gain amplification: 20,000 times
•        Battery type: 3.7v lithium battery
•        Microphone sensitivity: -70db
•        Record line output: 2.5mm stereo Jack socket
•        Current consumption: 10mA
•        Battery capacity: 250mA

Package Contains:

1 X Receiver
1 X Metal handset
1 X Antenna
1 X Earpieces
1 x English User Manual


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