Fashionable Bracelet Recorder


The 16 GB intelligent voice recorder bracelet comes with a very unique sound activation functionality. The device continuously records a conversation up to 20 hours, enabling you to record long conversations.

It involves a one key operation, which is simplified and practical, making it simple to be operated during recording, recording file play back function and mp3 playing.

This bracelet recorder has a recording speed of 192 kbps and has a capacity of 16 GB that helps you store the long recorded conversations along with your mp3 songs. The recorder can double as a USB storage device.


Recorder starts if you press "-"button
One key operation which is simple and practical
Recording/MP3 playing/Recording file play back Function
Playing format: MP3/WAV/WMA
Continuously record for about 20 hours
Time stamp function

Manufacturer Specification:

Recording Formats: WAV
Music format:MP3/WAV/WMA
Capacity: 16GB
Length of bracelet: 8.6 inches
Recording Speed: 192Kbps


Package list:

1 X Voice Recorder
1 X Manual    


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