Looking for a hands free voice recorder necklace that you can wear or attach to your purse, backpack, luggage, or bag? Then we have what you need!

This is a great device for those looking for a discreet and economical recording device. You can capture great ideas as they come to you, capture conversations, meetings, discussions, verbal business agreements lectures and any other aural record you need.

Compatible with Windows2000/XP/7/8/Android.

Note:The device has to be turn off at first,and then connect to PC to check the files in the Removable disk.



8 GB · Long recording time · Weight 0.3 ounces · Voice Activated


Pendant Voice Recorder:

  • Fashionable
  • One-Button Operation
  • 192Kbps High Quality Recording
  • Fake Money Detection Function
  • Built-in Clock Accurate Time-stamp Function
  • USB Disk Storage
  • 8 GB Memory



  • Size: 32mm*60mm      
  • Polymer Battery 3.7V 160mAh
  • Battery usage time: 40 hours 
  • Recording Format: WAV,192Kbps
  • Recording Time:8GB:about 188 hours 
  • Support Systems Windows/Android

Package Contains:

  • Pendant Recorder
  • User Manual
  • USB Cable Connector


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