UHF Pen Microphone Transmitter

German Engineered Professional Surveillance Product

This surveillance pen is a UHF FM voice transmitter, very discreet, looks as a perfectly normal writing pen, and being able to write, too. It can be placed in an office or any other place, without attracting attention.

It can be used as a voice transmitter (by having it on you and talking to someone else in a covert way) or as a spy bug microphone (by placing it in a room and listening from distance).

Key Benefits:

Transmitting range: up to 1,604 feet or 500 meters

Voice sensibility: up to 10 meters or 32 feet
Rechargeable and 10 hours

The pen transmitter is used when someone wishes to listen a person or a group with the purpose of finding information that could not be found in other ways, or just for surveillance.

It can also be used as a covert communication tool: you just have to have it on your pocket or on your hand and your partner will be able to hear you from a distance of up to 500 meters.

The covert pen microphone will be put beside other pens or in a hidden place inside a room or an office, on a desk, under a furniture piece, after the power switch will be set in ON position. The spy pen will capture the sounds in the room and transmit them to a UHF/FM receiver, to a distance of up to 1,640 feet or 500 meters (in open space line of sight), depending on the receiver

Product specifications:

Power source: 3 Volt
Operational Time: 10 hours
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm included
Frequency stability: PLL & amp; crystal quart, 5 ppm
Frequency 416 – 450 MHz, more channels available
Package Contains:

The package includes the pen transmitter and charger unit.


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