Small Micro UHF Transmitter

Range:  Approximately 1,000 Feet


The miniature transmitter is designed by the secret services technologies. Each transmitter is tested and tuned in specialized laboratory by high skilled engineers.

Small size and weight of the audio transmitter allow installing it using sticky pads hanging it in the difficult to reach areas.

It is necessary to remember that after finishing the work with small transmitter the batteries should be removed from the battery holder and kept separately.


Note: Transmitter requires radio receiver/scanner.




Operating Frequencies: about 432.00MHz-459.00MHz


Operating Range : 750 -1,000 Feet


Compact : only 2cm diameter and 0,5cm thick including a battery


Length of antenna : 15cm (invisible)


Power supply: one lithium battery CR2032 (3V)

Battery Included

Microphone: Highly sensitive, high quality microphone which can pick up sounds up to 100 square meters


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