Bluetooth Pen Receiver Transmitter with Invisible Wireless Earpiece 


Product Overview:

The Ballpoint pen is designed to connect wirelessly to your cell phone via Bluetooth with hidden wireless invisible earpiece.

The pen transfers clear voice communications to invisible earpiece wirelessly with a distance of approximately1.6 inches.

  • The Inductive Bluetooth pen has build-in amplifier
  • It solves the problem of short transmission distance. You can hear clearly in the invisible earpiece via the inductive Bluetooth pen
  • The Bluetooth pen module uses a built in hearing coil
  • The Bluetooth “built in module” provides a connection with the mobile cell phone within 32 feet
  • The alternating current from Bluetooth module flows through inductive coil. The coil creates a magnetic field, which powers a receiving coil inside an earpiece within the magnetic field

This Bluetooth pen is covert! No one will discover the inductive coil build-in transmitter for the earpiece

Product Features:

  • Wireless connection an earpiece or hearing aid
  • Hands-free cell phone communication
  • Battery life: 5 hours talking time or 72 hours standby
  • Build-in rechargeable battery
  • LED light indicator

Regular ballpoint writing pen

Product Operation:

  • Place the battery inside the earpiece before put the earpiece in your ear
  • Turn on the Bluetooth pen and then connect the Bluetooth pen with the mobile phone
  • Close the battery case and put the earpiece inside your ear canal
  • Check device connection with other person that you want to communicate
  • Set volume of the phone at maximum for better sound quality
  • Use earpiece and Bluetooth pen at distance as short as possible

Package Includes:

1x Bluetooth metal pen (blue color casing)

1 x USB charge cable

1 x mini earpiece

2 x Batteries

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