Secure Two-way Communications Set


This is a two-way secure communications set which comes with UHF Micro Ear-piece and Walkie-talkie set


Invisible communication system is compact, includes a walkie-talkie, with no wires on
your body and requires no bulky neck-loop

Product Usage:
Communications set can be used by politicians giving speech, (communication set is secure and invisible), TV host, public speaking, surveillance or presentations.

This is an invisible secure communication set. Place the earpiece into your ear canal, in order to hear your partner. Have the microphone transmitter hidden near you or on your person in order to speak to your partner. Your partner uses the walkie-talkie to receive your voice and to transmit information back to you. Your partner can be at a maximum distance of up to 200 meters (650 feet) in open field conditions.

100 meters (320 feet) in room settings

Secure Communications

You can communicate securely. The commlink cannot be jammed by GSM jammers, the receiving signal cannot be detected.


Com-Set Includes:

Invisible Micro Earpiece Receiver

Microphone Transmitter



Two-way UHF FM Invisible Communication Set:

Small Wireless RF Micro  Invisible Earpiece

Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 6 mm
Receiver mod: narrow-band RF receiver
Frequency: fixed UHF FM, crystal quartz
Audio response: 200 Hz – ~4500 Hz

Noise filter: soft squelch
Sensitivity: SINAD 17 dB @ E=2mV/m
Channel selectivity: 49 dB (at 200 kHz channel spacing)
Antenna: magnetic, integrated
Spurious emissions: below – 51 dBm ERP

UHF FM microphone earpiece transmitter comes with one(1) battery CR2450 - if allowed to ship

Walkie-talkie with: antenna, 3,7 V Li-ion battery, belt clip, earphone/mic, battery charger


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