Expected release date is Jun 30th 2020

Professional UHF Transmitter

 4,000 feet Transmission range in the open field 


Miniature UHF transmitter designed for covert surveillance operations or other operations as required pursuant to the gathering information for investigative purposes. 



Frequency: 434.120Mhz-434.250Mhz

Working Voltage: 2.1-3.5v \ 2x AA Alkaline batteries (NOT included)

Current consumption:13mA
Frequency: Wideband FM: Frequency range approximately: 434.120Mhz -434.250Mhz

Distance: Long transmitting range, over 4000ft. Penetrates through walls and ceilings.

Power: Up to 16mW RF output.

Audio: Internal microphone manufactured by KEPO: 100Hz to 10,000Hz frequency range

Antenna: Flexible wire 19cm full extended.

Adjustments: No adjustments are required.

Works for 6 days using 2 x Duracell alkaline batteries


Package Includes:

  • UHF transmitter
  • AA battery holder
  • User Manual

Do not use this device for any illegal purposes!!! Buyer is fully responsible for adhering to any local, State or Federal laws



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