Wireless Video and Audio Signal Detector
(Find the Bug)

Wireless Tap Detector:

Use  this countermeasure surveillance device to detect wireless video, audio tap transmitters to secure your privacy You can never be too safe these days. It seems like no place is safe from prying eyes. We see the articles in the newspapers every week about people and companies compromised by the use of hidden spy cameras or audio devices. Keep your private matters private. Protect your privacy. Now you can do something about it. With this wide band wireless AV tap detector you can ensure that no wireless spy cameras or transmitting audio bugs are trying to gain access to your private conversations. Safely conduct your company meeting, legal discussion, or personal conversation with security and peace of mind.


Compact sized quickly sweep a room for security threats
Passive detecting equipment, using wide-band simulation to check
Use in meeting rooms, hotel rooms, or anyplace that requires privacy

Product Functions:

As a small broadband wireless detection equipment, mainly used for eavesdropping device to detect the target in place working, you can search and accurate positioning. Portable wireless signal detection equipment is currently more advanced.
Professional equipment to examine the various wireless signal, mainly against the current in the wireless signal transmission device of the overflow in all kinds of examinations.
The main characteristics of the signal detector:

Professional wireless signal detecting device, high sensitivity, adjustable detection threshold, wide frequency range

Sound, light alarm indicating that the operation is simple, convenient, accurate and reliable

It is suitable for the safety detection an important place for examination, army, government, security, public security, commerce etc.
It has good electromagnetic compatibility
It has the advantages of small volume, convenient carrying
Technical features of the wireless signal detector:
By detecting the frequency range: 10MHz-8000MHz
Main frequency: 25MHz-6000MHz
Detection sensitivity of less than or equal to 0.05mw (the main band)
detection dynamic range: 70Db

It indicates the way: Level 9 LED lights / tones indicator
matters needing attention:

Equipment uses 9V battery pack, is to consider the adequacy of such battery supply market, but the market for such battery quality difference is very big, spread is also great. Please select high-quality batteries.

LED indicator is continuous, such as the middle one is not lighted device failure, in need of repair. When the left most two bit LED lights is typically low battery, the battery needs to be replaced.

Sound alarm and LED indicator is synchronous, as the only sound or only light are equipment failure, in need of repair. Time indicating full bright, no sound is too high frequency, re adjust the threshold can be.

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