Covert Audio Transmitter Bug

Miniature UHF transmitter designed for covert surveillance operations or other operations  as required pursuant to the gathering information for investigative purposes.
Product Specifications:

Diameter: 15mm
Thickness:  5mm
Operating Band Frequency: UHF 400-470MHZ Random
Will operate on FM Band receivers
Operating voltage: 2.2 - 3V
2032 coin cell battery not included for security reasons. Purchase at local electronic or watch shop

Current: Approximately 8mA
Operational Time: reference 2032 battery
Operational Distance: 300-650 feet approximately in “open field”
Transmission distance may very depending on weather conditions or other interfering RF signal within target area of communications.

Do not use this device for any illegal purposes!!! Buyer is fully responsible for adhering to any local, State or Federal laws

Requires Radio UHF or FM Radio Transceiver

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