Mini FM Transmitter


Product Overview:

Working Current:3mA 1.2V,25mA 9V


9 volt battery: Broadcasting up-to 100 hours

Battery not included

Broadcast frequency range: 60MHZ-128MHZ

Frequency is adjustable
Preset frequency to 94MHZ-98MHZ
Very high sensitivity, allowing you to hear the footsteps in the quiet room, or sound of the wind clearly in outside
Note: antenna length can be appropriately increased or decreased according the actual listening environment.
If you need to adjust the frequency use the green adjustable capacitor in the middle


Additional Description:

Mini transmitter

Use any FM radio or radio scanner to listen to transmitter

You can purchase a radio scanner here: Radio

Uses Included, but not limited to: baby monitors, nature monitoring, home security, add sound to home camera recording system or listen to sound from a parked car



Do not use device for any illegal purposes.


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