UHF Invisible Earpiece


One way Mini Earpiece UHF FM Receiver is totally invisible in the ear

No Neck Loop Required


Key benefits:

  • Smallest spy micro earpiece in-ear receiver ever made, that enters completely in the ear canal, without anyone to see it.
  • The working distance is over 650 feet in open field.
  • The spy micro ear piece, in-ear receiver, has a black coat, for a better invisibility in the ear canal – the perfect camouflage, imitating the darkness in the ear.
  • No neck-loop needed! No accessory on your body!
  • Undetectable for any detector!
  • Non-jamming by any phone
  • No interference with any electromagnetic fields!
  • No billing for your conversations
  • Instant communication, without waiting calls or conditioned by the phone network
  • Secret communication: your conversation cannot not be taped by phone operators and no leads to your location

How it works:
If you need to have a covert communication, all you have to do, is to put the spy earpiece into your ear canal, in order to hear your partner. Your partner can be at a distance of up to 650 feet (200 meters) in open field or less (in a building area). The ear piece receiver does not require wires or other body accessories.

Technical Specification:

  • Dimensions: .4 x .23 x .23 inches (very small)
  • Receiver mod: narrow-band RF receiver
  • Frequency: fixed UHF FM, crystal quartz controlled
  • Audio response: 200 Hz – ~4500 Hz
  • Audio signal output: 94 dB
  • Noise filter: soft squelch
  • Sensitivity: SINAD 17 dB @ E=2mV/m
  • Channel selectivity: 49 dB (at 200 kHz channel spacing)
  • Antenna: magnetic, integrated
  • Spurious emissions: below – 51 dBm ERP
  • Distortion: 5% (depends on the volume )
  • Weight: 1.5 g (with battery)
  • Battery autonomy: operational time up to 5 hours continuous
  • Current consumption: 1.8 mA
  • Type of battery: alkaline AG4
  • Working distance: 650 feet, in open space


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