Microphone transmitter with Remote Control for Surveillance

This microphone transmitter has a great feature: it can be controlled from distance, whenever you need. The remote control works within a distance of 200 meters (656 feet) away from the transmitter.
This feature is very important for saving the battery life and is also important because it helps the transmitter to become undetectable.

Key Benefits:

Transmitting range: up to 200 meters in open space
Voice sensibility: up to 10 m, any whisper in a room
Autonomy with CR2450 battery: 60 hours
High stability, crystal quartz controlled

This is the best tool for private investigators!  It is perfect for periodic surveillance.

How it works:
This spy transmitter works with a remote control which can be used to start the transmitter
The remote control has 7 time frame setting steps (minutes): 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60
The working time of the transmitter can be set from the remote control by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons and after that press ENTER

Each time frame has a different coloured LED and after you press ENTER the selected LED will blink a few seconds. After the selected time will end, the spy transmitter will turn off by himself. If you wish to use it longer, just select the desired time setting and press ENTER again.

The minimum setting time of 1 minute is useful for pre-activation – there is no need to include a long time and consume the battery life, if in the room is nobody.
This spy bug transmitter can be programmed by us on the following frequencies, on request: from 430.24 MHz up to 439.75 MHz with a step of 2.5 KH

You will need a transceiver (that has wide band receiving option) or a radio FM scanner in order to receive this UHF spy bug microphone transmitter.

It will be placed in a hidden corner of a room, like under the bed, under a desk, inside a toy or other object, after the battery will be inserted in its place and it will capture the sounds in the room and transmit them to a UHF FM receiver, to a distance of up to (2,000 feet) or 600 meters (in open space).

Product specifications:

Power source: 3 Volt battery CR-2450
Autonomy: 20 hours total transmitting time, and about 200 days total stand-by time
Power transmitting: 10 mW
Transmitting distance to a FM transceiver/ scanner: up to 500 meters in open space and less in building area
working time steps: 1′, 10′, 20′, 30′ 40′, 50′ and 60′, selectable from the remote control
Modulation type: narrow band FM ( NBFM )
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm included
Frequency stability: microcontroller 10 pmm Circuit: 3 x IC (integrate circuit)
Frequency 430 – 439 MHz, channels step: 2.5 kHz. Programmable on a certain frequency on request

Remote control specification:

Power source: 3 Volt battery CR-2450
Autonomy: about 1 year
Power transmitting: 10 mW
Circuit: 2 x IC (integrate circuit)
Transmitting distance to the spy microphone: about 200 meters in open space
3 controls and 7 time steps indicated by 7 LEDs

Package contains:

Spy bug microphone transmitter
Long range Remote control
*This spy microphone needs also a UHF FM transceiver or FM scanner (to receive the voice from the spy microphone)

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