This Microphone Transmitter was built to be powered from the main supply. It can be placed inside a wall plug or a extended power plug, inside a TV or other electric device that is powered at 110 or 220 Volt.

It can work continuously for years!

This transmitter is also activated by a mini remote control

Key Benefits:

Transmitting range: up to 600 meters - 2,000 feet
Voice sensibility: up to 8 meters - 25 feet
Autonomy: Unlimited
High stability, microcontroller operated

Microphone specifications:

Power source: 110 / 220 Volt main supply
Autonomy: Non stop
Power transmitting: 10 mW

Remote Control:

Working time steps: 1′, 10′, 20′, 30′ 40′, 50′ and 60′, selectable from the remote control
Modulation type: narrow band FM ( NBFM) Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm included
Frequency stability: microcontroller 10 pmm synthetized
Circuit: 3 x IC (integrate circuit)
Frequency 430 – 439 MHz, channels step: 2.5 kHz
Remote control specification:

Power source: 3 Volt battery CR-2450
Autonomy: about 1 year
Power transmitting: 10 mWCircuit: 2 x IC (integrate circuit)
3 controls and 7 time steps indicated by 7 LEDs


Package contains:

1x Wall UHF Microphone Transmitter with Remote Control


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Requires Radio UHF Radio Transceiver Purchase Here


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Do not use this device for any illegal purposes!!! Buyer is fully responsible for adhering to any local, State or Federal laws

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