High-Tech Micro UHF Audio Transmitter 

Product Features:

Transmitter Operating Range: 650 feet

Highly sensitive, high quality microphone

The microphone with a diameter only 2.2 inches catches even very weak whispers in an indoor room up to 320 square feet

120 hours of continuous operating time using only 2 batteries


The device antenna is not simple. It is designed specially for frequency of transmitter broadcasting, its length is about 3 inches and it is made of isolated wire, as thin as human hair.

The antenna is practically invisible

Package Includes:

1. Spy Bug Transmiter

2. High sensitive microphone built in transmitter

3. Antenna, built in transmitter

4. Battery holder for 2 batteries built in transmitter

5. Special case for storing the transmitter

Two(2) high quality lithium batteries absolutely Free


The small size and weight of the transmitter allow to install it using sticky pads hanging it in the difficult to reach areas


In spite of very small size the micro transmitter is powerful enough and catches even weak voices talking in the close compartments with the area up to 320 square feet, and transmits the output signal away.


The transmitter the batteries should be removed from the battery holder and kept separately when not in use




Operating Range: approximately 650 feet


Operating Frequencies: 100-106MHz . You can tune it easily by yourself


Microphone: Highly sensitive,microphone which can pick up sounds up to 320 square feet


Power supply: 2 lithium batteries 2032 (3V)


Battery holder: for 2 batteries


Battery Life: 5mA (apx) 120 hours



Note: You will need a UHF FM transceiver or a FM scanner to receive audio from transmitting device

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Professional High Quality Transmitter

Technology is being used by the secret services


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