Professional UHF VOX Transmitter

(3 Mile) Transmission Range! 

UHF transmitter designed for covert surveillance operations or other operations as required pursuant to the gathering information for investigative purposes. 

Quality professional transmitter uses the highest quality surface mount components for the highest quality performance


Long Range Transmission

Long Battery Life:

VOX function is very sensitive sound and switches transmitter off when no sound is detected within target area

Working Time:

Transmission mode: Approximately 20 hours

Standby mode: Approximately 40 days

Suitable Uses: Baby listening, Nature research, etc

Highly-Sensitive Microphone

High Frequency stability (quartz oscillator controlled)

Frequency is preset

Note: UHF radio scanner/ transceiver required

Product Specifications:


3 mile range in open field

RF output power

60 mW

Power supply

3 volt two" AAA" batteries

Operating voltage

2 – 3,6 volt

Power Consumption

About 2mA-standby mode
About 70mA-transmit mode

Operating Frequency

416.800MHz  +/-5KHz



VOX delay

10 sec



PCB size




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Package Includes:

  • UHF VOX Audio Transmitter
  • User Manual


Do not use this device for any illegal purposes!!! Buyer is fully responsible for adhering to any local, State or Federal laws


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Professional High Quality Surveillance Device!

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