Pocket Video Recorder 8GB Camcorder Spy Pen




This is a beautifully presented spy camera pen framed with a classy, gloss black exterior. Designed to look and work as a fully-functioning business pen, it is actually a DV camera for recording motion video or to still photographs. 
This Pen would be perfect for those who work within business, education, security, media, press relations, tourism and many other areas.

Product Overview:

  • DV Camcorder Spy Pen - for covert surveillance or just having some fun
  • Features AVI file encoding on-the-fly, no need for complicated file conversion.
  • Takes digital video and still camera images
  • Dual function as a useful storage medium as a standard USB memory stick

Camera Specifications:
- Color CMOS sensor
- Auto White Balance Adjustment
- Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
- Internal Flash Memory: 8GB


Capture Specifications:
- Format: AVI
- Frame Rate: 10 FPS
- Capture Resolution: 640x480

Battery Life: Approx 100 minutes



Design is comfortable for everyday writing usage
Universal Replaceable Ink Cartridge
Easy USB Charging/Transfer
Recharge via computer or wall socket

Package List:

Pen Video Recorder
USB (male) to USB (female) cables


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